As a member of the Polish Genealogical Society of Connecticut and the Northeast, you will have the opportunity to attend our upcoming webinars and view previously recorded ones. Our webinars cover a wide variety of topics related to Polish genealogical research and Polish culture.

We also provide time at each webinar for an open Q&A forum where members can bring up questions related to their research. This is a great place to have other experts share their knowledge with you!

Below are some recent webinars we’ve hosted.

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Finding Polish Graves Online

In this webinar you’ll learn about various websites to track down graves and cemeteries in Poland. We’ll discuss sites which cover all of Poland as well as more regional sites.
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How to Obtain Vital Records from the Civil Registration Office - USC

Daniel Bućko, a Polish professional genealogist from Kraków, discussed “How to Obtain Vital Records from the Civil Registration Office – USC (Urząd Stanu Cywilnego).
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Overview of The Arolsen Archives

Anna Meier-Osiński, Outreach Manager for the Arolsen Archives, gave an overview of their holdings, including a special online collection of the personal belongings of concentration camp inmates.
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Cadastral Maps and Their Ancillary Records

Michelle Tucker Chubenko, a professional genealogist with Legacy Tree Genealogists, introduces “Cadastral Maps and Their Ancillary Records” for the Austro-Hungarian Empire and reviews the tools created for her volunteer effort to transcribe these records.
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Writing Your Family History – Step by Step

Acclaimed author and genealogist Lisa Alzo covers how to bring your family tree to life by placing your own family stories in historical context, how to divide your writing tasks into smaller steps, and ways to sustain creative momentum throughout the process.

Blaine Bettinger

Getting Started With Genetic Genealogy

Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., J.D., is a professional genealogist, accomplished speaker and author, specializing in DNA evidence. He shares how to understand and interpret your DNA results and use them the improve your genealogy research.

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My Polish Family Discoveries in the PA Coal Region

In making his family discoveries, Michael Miscoski had to use almost all the tools in the genealogist’s toolbox: Unscrambling Americanized surnames, wild card searches, using Soundex, luck, using foreign sites, calling on researchers, DNA, and more. Join us as Mike shares the story of his research journey and the winding road he took to break down walls to push his research further.

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A Polish Country Christmas

Sophie Hodorowicz Knab, author and noted lecturer, discusses the customs and traditions associated with the Christmas season beginning with Advent, moving on to Christmas Eve and right up to the Feast of Three Kings.

Understanding and Using Geneteka

Geneteka is an online database hosted and managed by the Polish Genealogical Society. It is the largest free database of Polish Genealogy records and is updated entirely by volunteers. It contains over 30 million indexes of records from many regions of Poland, as well as parts of Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. Understanding how to navigate the website can be a challenge for non-Polish speaking visitors, but in this webinar Julie Roberts Szczepankiewicz shows you how to become familiar with the interface and give tips for how to search the database.
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