Recommended Researchers in Poland

Daniel Bućko

Daniel Bućko

We frequently receive requests for contact information regarding researchers in Poland. We are pleased to recommend Daniel Bućko. Daniel is a graduate of Poland’s most prestigious university (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski in Krakow) and has over twenty years of experience as a genealogical researcher. He speaks English, Russian and Belarussian in addition to his native Polish and has done research in archives in Poland, Belarus, Lithuania and the USA. His research covers all document types including vital records, tax documents, censuses and virtually any type of document which is of genealogical significance

A native of Dabrowa Bialostocka in the Podlasie region, he currently resides in the cities of Krakow and Warsaw. The American branches of his family live principally in New Britain, CT as well as Minnesota, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania.

He is also available to escort people who travel to Poland and serve as an interpreter and driver. He will search for living relatives as well.

He possesses excellent and thorough research skills and treats his clients’ research as if it was his own. Society members who have used his research services have been unanimously highly pleased with the excellent quality of work they received.

Daniel can be contacted at

We do not recommend any other researcher in Poland at this time.