PGSCTNE Member Surnames Being Researched

In response to your requests, we are providing this index so members ascertain who in our society is searching which surnames. The surname appears with a geographical location (if provided) and an email or postal address which you can use to make contact with the person who submitted the names.

Members who contribute names to this database are responsible for notifying us if their contact information changes. Check back periodically if you do not find what you are looking for. New names are being added continuously.

If you are a member and would like to contribute surnames to the database, please email – include your membership number, if known.

Surname Locations PGSCTNE Member Member Contact
Adamczyk Pstragowa Noella Benvenuti
Adamowicz Szuszalewo Jonathan Shea
Adomaitis Lithuania Diana Gill
Andronik Wesolowo Jonathan Shea
Andruszkiewicz Suwalki, Wigry, Magdalenowo, Leszczewo, Burdyniszki, Bridgeport, CT, New Britain, CT, New London, CT, Norwich, CT, Pittsburgh, PA Gene Yetter
Andryszczyk Poreba-Koceby, Pol., Schenectady, NY Suzanne Grabowski Bergren
Antczak Grudus, Poland and Bayonne, NJ Anastazia Scapellati
Babiarz Kupienin; Central Falls, RI; Woonsocket, RI; Ware, Massachusetts; Plainfield, CT; Taftville, CT Deborah Hotham
Bacek Trzcinskie, Turosl Podlaskie Barbara Truszkowski
Bachurz Rogoznica, Galicia; Thompsonville, CT Tom Pyrcz
Surname Locations PGSCTNE Member
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