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Surname First Name Spouse Surname Spouse First Name Location State Date of Marriage
ABBATE Elizabeth FRANCO, JR. Dominic Stamford CT 9/21/1991
ABBATE Gino DUDA Diana Stamford CT 8/1/1992
ABBATEMATTEO Luisa BIERNACKI Joseph Providence RI 7/8/1939
ABDALLA Constantine POZNIAK Helen New Britain CT 6/15/1940
ABRAM Stanislawa NOWAKOWSKI Albin New Haven CT 7/6/1909
ABRAMCZYK Anna SOKOLOWSKI Stanley New Britain CT 9/5/1936
ABRAMCZYK Anna WARYCH Franciszek New Britain CT 7/30/1907
ABRAMCZYK Ceslaus DOMIJAN Anne New Britain CT 6/18/1938
ABRAMCZYK Charlotte KRZYNOWEK Stanislaus New Britain CT 7/3/1933
ABRAMCZYK Francis MASTALEWSKI Jessie New Britain CT 6/25/1938
ABRAMCZYK Franciszek TRZASKA Anna New Britain CT 5/14/1902
ABRAMCZYK Jean MARANTI Bernard New Britain CT 12/28/1935
ABRAMCZYK Joseph DABROWSKI Leokadia New Britain CT 10/24/1936
ABRAMCZYK Jozef PLISKA Marianna New Britain CT 4/23/1907
ABRAMCZYK Jozef WIECZOREK Mary New Britain CT 9/2/1912
ABRAMCZYK Konstanty DOMBROWSKA Aleksandra New Britain CT 11/10/1914
ABRAMCZYK Maria TALARSKI Jan New Britain CT 4/27/1915
ABRAMCZYK Mary CHOJNOWSKI Stanley New Britain CT 6/20/1936
ABRAMCZYK Rozalia KULIS Wladyslaw New Britain CT 10/27/1914
ABRAMCZYK Stanislaus SADKOWSKI Henryka New Britain CT 7/12/1943
ABRAMCZYK Theresa MADEY Joseph New Britain CT 2/15/1947
ABRAMCZYK Zofia KAPELAN Walerian New Britain CT 2/6/1917
ABRAMCZYK Jan SKIERZYNSKA Paulina Jersey City NJ 8/31/1910
ABRAMCZYK Maria STURZYNSKI Waclaw Bayonne NJ 2/4/1918
ABRAMCZYK Wladyslaw BLASZCZAK Stefania Philadelphia PA 7/26/1914
Surname First Name Spouse Surname Spouse First Name Location State Date of Marriage
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