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Surname First Name Newspaper City Newspaper State Year
Aalberg Ingrid Norwich CT 1995
Aaron Anne Lowell MA 2004
Abagis Joseph Southington CT 2017
Abar Lucy Northampton MA 2000
Abascal Margaret New Britain CT 1997
Abata Clara New Britain CT 2002
Abate Sharon Bridgeport CT 2009
Abbate Gino Stamford CT 1994
Abbe Helen Manchester CT 2001
Abbenante Carol Ann New Haven CT 2001
Abbott Mary Bridgeport CT 2002
Abbott Pauline Bristol CT 2015
Abbott Edith Norwalk CT 1989
Abbott Emma Wilmington DE 1988
Abbott Joseph Providence RI 1988
Abbott Bertha Northampton MA 2002
Abbott Christine Adams MA 2021
Abbruzzi Sophie Providence RI 1990
Abdalla Helen New Britain CT 1981
Abdalla Constantine New Britain CT 2005
Abdullovski Nevruze Norwich CT 1998
Abdullovski Amdi Norwich CT 1995
Abel Caroline Manchester NH 2001
Abel Adeline Scranton PA 1987
Abel Natalie New Britain CT 2020
Surname First Name Newspaper City Newspaper State Year
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