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Polish Cemeteries


Starting in 1981, volunteers from the PGSCTNE began collecting names and dates from area cemeteries. Over time, volunteers began pouring over the Connecticut state border in search of other Polish cemeteries in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. To date, we have over 120,000 surnames in our index

Polish Marriage Records

Marriage Records

Our Polish American Marriage Database contains the name of couples of Polish origin who were married in select locations in the Northeast United States. It includes the States of Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vermont. It includes the years 1892-1940.

We continue to publish new records as they are reviewed and indexed.

Detroit Vital Records

Detroit Vital Records

The Polish language newspaper which served the Detroit area, Dziennik Polski, was very inconsistent in its provision of birth, death and marriage information. In some years, there were only occasional paid death notices. In other years, there were frequent marriage announcements but no death and birth notices. These lists should not in any way be considered comprehensive. They do, however, mirror what the newspaper carried for a given year.

Polish Anniversary Books

Anniversary Books

Polish parishes and organizations frequently issued commemorative booklets to mark anniversaries of their establishment or to chronicle an important event in development of the organization. Publications of this type are filled with the names of the persons who played active roles in the history of the parish/club as well as the names of persons who contributed to the publication of the booklet.

Polish London Records

London Records

Records of immigrants from Eastern Europe passing through London who had contact with the Polskie Towarzystwo Emigracyjne (Polish Emigration Society) are included in this database. They provide information such as birthplace, marital status, age, religion, address of nearest living family member in Poland,  name of the country to which the individual is intending to go and the address in London where the person resided.

Polish Travel Agency Records

Travel Agency Records

This small collection consists of the receipts kept by a Polish travel agency in Newark, New Jersey for money sent to Europe.

In addition to the financial data, they provide the name and addresses of the sender and recipient.

These can be a valuable resource to discover an ancestor’s birthplace or place of residence as well as possible names of relatives in Europe.

old genealogy documents

European Immigrant Birthplace Records

For some, one of the most challenging aspects of research is finding the exact birthplace of an ancestor in Europe. This database contains geographical information on immigrants taken from obituaries, church and civil records, naturalization papers and any other document that may have contained geographical information on the origins of our families.

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