Pathways and Passages
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                   Winter 2012 - Summer 2014

Vol. 28, No. 1  -  Winter 2012

•  Province of Grodno 
•  A Legal Victory for Genealogists in Connecticut
•  Researching Your Pennsylvania Ancestors by Lisa A. Alzo   
•  PGSCTNE Outreach Seminar Travels to Philadelphia   
  Finding Your Ancestors in Russian Consular Records by Donna J. Pointkouski
•  Argentina - A Post Script by Jonathan Shea            
•  A Survey of Polish Online Digitized Historical Sources by Daniel Bućko
•  Gazetteer Gold Mine:  Finding Records in Poland by Stephen Samuel Barthel
•  Online Translators:  Going Looking Like This It by Jonathan Shea
•  Was Dziadek a Coal Miner?

Vol. 28, No. 2  -  Summer 2012

  Military Recruitment Records:  An Untapped Source by Jonthan Shea    
•  Our Ancestors in the Prussian Army by Aleksandra Kacprzak and Mariusz Zebrowski 
•  Anna Rostkowska vs. The Villagers of Polkowo:  Family History Available from Polish
 Court Records - Referendaria Koronna by Jay M. Orbik (Translations by Ola Heska
    and Iwona Dakiniewicz)
•  Most Popular Contemporary Baby Names in Poland by Joseph G. V. Maciora 
•  The Most Polish Places in the United States 

Vol. 29, No. 1  -  Winter 2013

  Alien Files Find New Home at National Archives 
•  Vanishing Professions by Aleksandra Kacprzak  

•  SS. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, Wallingford, Connecticut by
     Jeanne Gherardi 
•  Fire on the Water:  The Burning of the SS Volturno by Diane Bojniewicz Szepanski
    and Jonathan Shea 
  Meet Our Volunteers!  Bernie Olender and Carol Kaczmarczyk Carter   
•  County of Kolno - Province of Łomża 
•  County of Ropczyce, Galicia 
•  Chicago Polish Parish Registers Online 
•  Brazilian Immigration Cards   

Vol. 29, No. 2  -  Summer 2013

Digitized Polish Records Online by Diane K. Marino 
•  Philadelphia Board of Special Inquiry Immigration Records 
•  Community Profile:  Providence and Rhode Island 
•  An Unexpected Bonus - More Generations in Baptismal Records 
•  Opportunities to Participate - Guidelines 
•  Book Review:  Regestr Diecezjów Franciszka Czajkowskiego czyli właściciele ziemscy
    w Koronie 1783 - 1784 by Sławomir Górczyński, Warsaw 
•    Immigrant Stories by Christine Lesinski
•  County of Mielec - County of Limanowa (from the Słownik geograficzny) 
•  Sample Instructions for Sacramental Registers 

Vol. 30, No. 1  -  Winter 2014

  The International Tracing Service (ITS) - The Closed Archive That's Finally Been
    Opened After More Than 60 Years by Thomas Sadauskas   
•  Names, Naming Practices and Customs Our Patron Saints by Aleksandra Kacprzak 
•  Naming Patterns in a Podlasie Parish over 155 Years 
•  Our Conference 
•  Alien Registration Files - A Unique Source for Immigrant Research by Shellee A.
•  Book Review:  Litwa - Przewodnik (Lithuania - A Guide) by Józef Krajewski
•  Mini - Curitiba Marriage Index 
•  They Left From Stockholm??! 

Vol. 30, No. 2  -  Summer 2014

•  Digging Into Lemko and Ukrainian Family History in Southeast Poland by Michael Buryk
•  Company Employee Magazines - An Overlooked Source of Genealogical Information
•  Genealogy:  Recommendations on Methodology for Conducting Genealogical REsearch at the
   National Historical Archives of Belarus
•  Scan! Scan! Scan! by Dorena Wasik
•  The Road Home:  Our Adventures in the Homeland of Our Ancestors
•  More Names Obtained for Polish Cemetery Collection
•  Marraige Database Online
•  Wiżajny
•  Transcriptions from Wiżajny Parish Cemetery, Part One