Pathways and Passages
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                     Winter 1984 - Winter 1987

Vol. 1, No. 1  -  Winter 1984

•  Our Time Has Come
•  Researching Ethnic History in Connecticut:  The Polish Question, Part I by
    Stanislaus Blejwas
•  Polish Catholic Church Directories
•  Book Review:  Pol-Am:  A History of the Polish Americans in Pittsfield,
    Massachusetts, 1862-1945 by Florence W. Clowes
•  Parish Profiles:  St. Joseph's Church, Rockville, Connecticut
•  Resources in Berkshire County, Massachusetts by Joseph G. V. Maciora 
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Columbia sailed from Glasgow on July 1, 1911,
    arrived in New York on July 9, 1911 (partial listing)

Vol 1, No. 2  -  Spring 1985

Connecticut Naturalization Records Centralized
•  Poem:  Lost Values by Janina Davenport
•  Latest Polish Gazetteers Issued:  Wykaz Urzędowych Nazw Miejscowości w Polsce
•  Research at the Massachusetts Health Department
•  Roman Catholic Parishes of Northeastern Poland, Provinces of Łomża, Ostrolęka
    and Płock
•  RUSSIAN?  Who Needs It?!
•  French Connection:  Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin
•  Researching Ethnic History in Connecticut:  The Polish Question, Part II by
    Stanislaus Blejwas
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Lapland sailed from Antwerp on July 1, 1911,
    arrived in New York on  July 10, 1911 (partial listing)

Vol. 2, No. 1  -  Fall 1985

•  Roots in Russia?  There's Still Hope!
Polish Heritage Collection - Central Connecticut State University
•  What Was Grampa's "Real" Name?
•  1986 Genealogical Tour of Poland
•  Researching Ethnic History in Connecticut:  The Polish Question, Part III
    by Stanislaus Blejwas
•  Parish Profiles:  St. Michael's Parish, Derby, Connecticut
•  Madame Curie by Joseph G. V. Maciora
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Zeeland sailed from Antwerp on October 31, 1923,
    arrived in New York on November 10, 1923 (partial listing)

Vol. 2, No. 2  -  Spring 1986

New England Polonia - Where Are We???
•  Parish Directory:  Connecticut, Vermont and Western Massachusetts
•  Famous Poles!
•  The Polish Name Challenge! by Joseph G. V. Maciora
•  Spreading the Word - Educational Outreach
•  Boguty to Bristol and Back by Gerald Bogucki
•  Diocese of Tarnów
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Vaderland sailed from Antwerp, arrived in New York
    on April 25, 1911 (partial listing)
•  Researching Ethnic History in Connecticut:  The Polish Question, Part IV by
    Stanislaus Blejwas
•  Map of Galicia and Its Present Day Borders

Vol. 3, No. 1  -  Winter 1986

Polish Archive Established in New Britain
•  Polish Provincial Libraries
•  Translating Polish Documents...It's Not That Hard...Really!!!
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Erlanger sailed from Bremen June 1, 1913, arrived in
    New York on June 16, 1913 (partial listing)
•  Portrait of a Polish "Babcia" by Joseph G. V. Maciora
•  Polonia in New England - Part II - New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut and Rhode
•  58,000 Names on a Granite Wall.  Polish Names from New England on the Vietnam
    War Memorial in Washington, DC
•  Poland's Changing Borders

Vol. 3, No. 2  -  Spring 1987

•  New England's First Polish Parish Celebrates its Centennial:  St. Joseph Church in
    Webster, Massachusetts
•  Eastern and Central Massachusetts Parish Directory
•  Translating Polish Language Documents:  Death Records
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Bonn sailed from Bremen on March 14, 1899, arrived in 
    New York on March 27, 1899  (partial listing)
•  Information Sought on Immigrant Families From the Dąbrowa Białostocka Area
•  Old Newspapers May Yield Unexpected Treasures
•  Ziemia Łomżyńska (Łomża)
•  The Use of Passenger Lists and Their Indices
•  Book Review:  Cedar Grove Cemetery Inscriptions, South Bend, St. Joseph County,
    Indiana by Genevieve Stachowiak Szymarek
•  Memories of My First Trip To Poland by Connie Ochnio

Vol. 4, No. 1  -  Winter 1987

Your Family's Exact Place of Origin
•  Polonia in Brazil
•  You've Got a Friend in Pennsylvania...And Most Likely a Relative Too!
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Nekar sailed from Bremen, arrived in New York
    on October 20, 1909, (partial listing)
•  Translating Polish Language Documents:  Marriage Records