Pathways and Passages
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                   Spring 2006 - Fall 2008

Vol. 22, No. 2  -  Spring 2006

 Z TEJ SAMEJ KRWI: Chain Migration in Selected New England Polish Communities  
•  Contribute, Learn and Grow by Volunteering by Barbara Gancarz
•  A Note on the "Muni Archives" by Pamela Shooks   
•  Polonia in Latvia   
•  Community Profile - Bridgeport, Connecticut 
•  World War I Veterans from Bridgeport, CT            
•  Database News
•  Lesser Known Sources:  Landowner Lists
•  Place Names and (Horrors!) Grammar by William F. "Fred" Hoffman

•  Was Your Ancestor's Morality Certified?
•  Guide to Parishes and Villages in the Former Archdiocese of Wilno by Jonathan
    Shea and Diane Bojniewicz Szepanski
•  Book Review:  Jewish Białystok and Surroundings in Eastern Poland.  A Guide
    for Yesterday and Today
by Tomasz Wiśniewski.  Reviewed by Joseph Maciora,
    Reference Librarian, Boston Public Library

Vol. 23, No. 1  -  Winter 2006

  Borders in Polish History by M. B. Biskupski    
•  Polish Onomastic Scholar Passes ON:  Kazimierz Rymut 
•  Unexpected Surprises 
•  An Unusual Source:  Court-Ordered Amendments to Vital Records Documents
    by Jonathan D. Shea 
•  Vital Records Offices in Poland and Genealogy by Aleksandra Kacprzak 
•  Marriage and Wedding Customs by A. Juncewicz 
  The Normandy American Cemetery by Carol Carter
•  On the Bookshelf: 1000 najpopularniejszych nazwisk w Polsce by Jarosław
    Maciej Zawadzki
•  Do You Have a Right to Unclaimed Property?   
  Sweet Silesia by Joseph G. V. Maciora
•  Mistaken Identity
•  Missing Relatives
•  Book Review:  Haller's Polish Army in France by Paul S. Valasek
•  More Polish Parishes Closing by Joseph G. V. Maciora

Vol. 23, No. 2  -  Summer 2007

  Sources of Immigrants' Information by Walter V. Hickey, National Archives,
    Waltham, MA 
  Take a Walk Through a Polish Cemetery by Aleksandra Kacprzak
•  Community Profile:  Sugar Notch, Pennsylvania
•  On-Site Research in Europe - The Rough Guide (author's name withheld by request) 
•  Website Update and Appeal 
•  Changing Place Names:  The Case of Prussian / German Partition by
    Matthew Bielawa 
•  Some Jodłowa Transplants to Arkansas and Their Connecticut Cousins by
    Margaret Jenkins 
•  Rypin - Słownik Geograficzny 
•  Missing Relatives   
  Film Review:  Dom Polski:  Dance Hall Days of Detroit's Polonia.  Review by
    Deborah Greenlee

•  Book Review:  Dwory w Łomżyńskiem by Katarzyna and Jerzy Samusik

Vol. 24, No. 1  -  Winter 2007

 Finding Little Known Pieces of the Genealogy Puzzle by Jean Nudd, National
    Archives & Records Administration, Pittsfield, MA 
•  The History and Current State of the Polish Archive System by Aleksandra Kacprzak 
•  New Restrictions on Connecticut Vital Records Access 
•  The Hunt for Obituaries by Barbara Gancarz 
•  Dead in Detroit? 
•  Understanding Polish-Language Obituaries by Jonthan Shea 
•  Book Review:  Worcester County's Polish Community by Barbara Proko and
    Janice Baniukiewicz Stickles with Our Lady of Czestochowa Guild of Catholic Women 

Vol. 24, No. 2  -  Summer 2008

  New Initiative:  Collaboration Between Polish and American Genealogical Societies
•  Polonizing Your Computer by Matthew Bielawa 
•  The Słownik Geograficzny:  What Does It Tell Us?  by Aleksandra Kacprzak 
•  Book Review:  Going Home:  A Guide to Polish American Family History Research
    by Jonathan Shea 
•  Reprints - Old Books With Fresh Looks 
•  Genealogists * * * Researchers * * * Family Historians 
•  Community Profile - Pittsfield, Massachusetts 
•  Notes From a Pittsfield Native by Garret Mierzejewski 
  Web Sites of Interest
  Will I Find Living Relatives?
A Look Back - A Reporter's View of Connecticut's Polonia

Vol. 25, No. 1  -  Winter 2008

•  Haller's Army:  A Major Part of Polish and Polish-American History by Paul S. Valasek 
•  A Book That Captures 1930s Polish Peasant Culture by Joseph G. V. Maciora 
 Naturalization Indexes Online 
•  LDS Pilot Site Makes Digitized Records Available Online 
•  March - Women's History Month - Sławne Amerykanki Pochodzenia Polskiego 
•  One Came by Boat, The Other by Plane by Joann Klimkiewicz
•  U.S. Passport Applications Now Online