Pathways and Passages
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                   Spring 2003 - Fall 2005

Vol. 19, No. 2  -  Spring 2003

•  Researching the Documents of Pur by Matthew Bielawa
•  Beyond the Basics -- Little-Used Sources   
•  Seanery of Szczuczyn   
•  Polish Tour Guides -- Strzyżów i Okolice by J. Maciora 
  The Effects of Lithuania's History and Language on Genealogical Research by
    William F. Hoffman          

Vol. 20, No. 1  -  Fall 2003

Death Customs and Funeral Home Records by Jonathan Shea and Diane B. Szepanski    
•  Community Profile:  Worcester, Massachusetts by Barbara Proko 

•  Copies of Białostocczyzna  Available - Journal of the Białystok Historical Society
•  Hiring a Professional Researcher in Europe 
•  Book Review:  Archiwa Kościoła Katolickiego w Polsce (Guide to the archives created
    by the Catholic Church in Poland) 
•  State-Level and Other Online Vital Records Databases
•  Estate Inventories:  What Can They Tell Us? 
•  Researching the Documents of Pur, Part Two 

Vol. 20, No. 2  - Spring 2004

  The Closings of Polish Churches -- A Cultural Tragedy 
 Prussian Census From the Bialystok Region
•  Parish Archives -- Beyond Sacramental Registers 
•  Civil Vital Records in the Szczecin State Archives -- Part One, A-I 
•  Book Review:  The Polish Community of Worcester by Barbara Proko 
•  Szerokiej Drogi! 
•  New Britain People -- Get Out Your Photo Albums!
  Selected World War II Resources  
•  Michał (Michael) Makowski by Janice A. Makowski  
•  Landless Peasant Genealogical Research by Matthew Bielawa
   Archdiocese of Kraków 

  Book Review:  Polskie Kościoły w Nowym Jorku (Polish Churches in New York_
    by Danuta Piątkowska

  Visiting the Connecticut State Health Department Division of Vital Records

Vol. 21, No. 1  - Fall 2004

•  S
tories Old Newspapers Can Tell You by Jonathan D. Shea
•  Researching in Great Britain 
•  Recognizing and Translating Polish Family Court Documents 
•  The Long Journey Home to Belarus by Pamela Shooks 
PGSCTNE Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
Civil Vital Records in the Szczecin State Archives - Part Two, J-P 
•  Parish History Name Index Database Now Online 
•  Polish Tatar Burial Plot Transcribed 
•  Rzeszów - 650th Anniversary by Joseph Maciora 
  Tips on Translating Słownik Geograficzny Entries by William F. Hoffman

Vol. 21, No. 2  -  Spring 2005

 Who is a Pole and Where is Poland? by M. B. Biskupski
  Pope John Paul II - 1920-2005   
•  Community Profile:  Perth Amboy, New Jersey 
•  Two "New" Polish Dioceses Created 
•  Buyer Beware!  Fraudulent Family Name Books by Matthew Bielawa 
•  Civil Vital Records in the Szczecin State Archives - Part Three, R-Z 
•  Understanding Polish Telephone Books 
  Were Your People on Welfare?
  Precious Treasures:  Guarding Your Family History
Help Create a Database of Surnames We Are Researching 
Book Review:  The Polish Community of New Britain, Jonathan Shea and Barbara 

Vol. 22, No. 1  -  Fall 2005

  Castle Garden:  The Predecessor of Ellis Island  
•  Influenza - A Local Look at the Great Pandemic of 1918 
•  Montréal - Po Polsku! 
•  Book Review:  Nowy Dwór - Dzieje parafii rzymsko-katolickiej 1504-2004
    by Rev. Tadeusz Krahel
•  Back and Forth Across the Pond by Margaret Jenkins 
•  Instant Genealogy - Nobility Documents
•  Getting the Most out of City Directories 
•  She's How Old??  Reported Ages in Document Sources 
•  Passports:  Their Format and Availability 
•  American Polonia:  Statistical Snapshot 1025 

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