Pathways and Passages
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                   Spring 2000 - Fall 2002

Vol. 16, No. 2  -  Spring 2000

•  Polonia in New Haven, Connecticut
•  How's This For a Mistake? 
•  Hamburg Departure Lists On-Line 
  Name Changes by Jonathan D. Shea
 Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Dresden departed Bremen and arrived in Baltimore
    on July 26, 1898
•  SS President Lincoln departed Hamburg and arrived in New York on May 30, 1912  
•  SS Graf Waldersee departed Hamburg on May 15, 1911 and arrived in New York
    on May 28, 1914    
•  SS Lapland departed Antwerp and arrived in New York on April 21, 1921  
•  First Member of the Millenium
  First Babies of the Old Millenium
New Britain Sesquicentennial
Rhode Island Cemeteries Progress Report
New York Metro Area Naturalization Records

Vol 17, No. 1  -  Fall 2000

Beyond Our Expectations!
  From the Kurpian Forest Across the Ocean "For Bread"
•  Soldiers and Refugees of the Polish Insurrection of 1830-1831 by Jeffrey E. Stokes 
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Friedrich der Grosse departed Bremen and arrive in
    New York on November 1, 1904 
Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Westernland departed Antwerp and arrived in New York
    on May 10, 1906 
•  Book Review: Przewodnik po źróddłach ziem województwa ostrołęckiego XV-XX  
 (Guide to Historical Resources of the Province of Ostrolęka, 15th-20th Centuries) by
    Garret Mierzejewski
•  Name Changes 
•  Shamokin, Pennsylvania:  A Stop on the Immigrant Trail by Steve Butkie 
  Surviving Records of Pinsk Diocese in Polish Archives   

Vol. 17, No. 2  - Spring 2001

•  A Tale of One Register:  A Detailed Look at an Early 19th-Century Baptismal Register
•  Latin Lexicon  

•  Community Profile:  Union City, Connecticut 
•  Ellis Island Website Premieres! 
•  Name Changes 
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Kroonland departed Antwerp July 28, 1921, arrived
    in New York on August 9, 1921 
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Willehad departed Bremen and arrived in New York
    on October 14, 1898
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Dresden arrived in Baltimore on Octrober 20, 1898 
 Пашяць Гролзенскі раён
•  Translation Helper
Stamps Postmarked Domianów by M. Bielawa
Consulate and Foreign Language Service Lists
•  Book Reviews:  Dzieje Polski-Kalendarium, Kraków, Wydawnictwo Literackie, 1999
    (Calendar of Polish History)
•  Sometimes Gifts Come With Our Document Requests

Vol. 18, No. 1  -  Fall 2001

New "Find Our Roots" Program to Offer Research Services for Grodno Archives
    by Barbara Proko
•  Mass-Conn-ection 2001:  A Resounding Success 
  Russian Military Records from the Kingdom of Poland as a Source for Genealogical
   Research by Michal Kopczynski, University of Warsaw
 GMINA Listings - Provinces of Kielce and Łomża   
•  Documents Going Home 
In Search of my Uncle's Grave by Joanne Kennedy
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Main departing from Bremen on December 21, 1907
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Chemnitz departing from Bremen on October 1906
  Community Profile - Lowell, Massachusetts
•  Phonetic Pandemonium, or, Surname Slaughter by Tomasz Kulesz 
•  Conference Attendees' Research - Who and Where 

Vol. 18, No. 2 - Spring 2002

Recent LDS Films are Hidden Treasure for Lida Area Research by Barbara Proko
•  What are Ruthenians? by Matthew Bielawa 
  Community Profile:  Maynard, Massachusetts by Barbara Proko
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Brasilia departing Hamburg and arriving in Baltimore
    on December 15, 1898 
•  Mutilation:  The Fate of Eastern European Names in America by William F. Hoffman 
•  Book Reviews:  Archiwalia polskiej proweniencji terytorialnej przechowywane w
Archiwum Federacji Rosyjskiej i Rosyjskim Państwowym Archiwum
(Archival Materials of Polish Territorial Origin Housed in the National
   Archives of the Russian Federation and the Russian State Military Archives by
   Władysław Stępniak  

Vol. 19, No. 1  -  Fall, 2002

  Walking in Babcia's Footsteps:  The Port of Antwerp by Jonathan Shea  
•  Community Profile:  Nashua, New Hampshire 
  Slowly But Surely ... Inscriptions from Calvary Cemetery, New York City
•  What Do 19th-Century Death Registers Tell Us? 
•  100th Anniversary, Cambria Steel Company Rolling Mine Disaster, Thursday,
    July 10, 1902, 11:30 a.m. 
•  Searching for Agata by Cecilia Dybas Patalita
•  Translation Helper -- Portuguê
•  Do Your Ancestors Hail From Eastern Europe? by Natalie Schmidt 
•  Book Review: Kаталіцкія храмьі на Беларусі (Catholic Churches in Belarus) by
    A. M. Kulagin

•  Seeking Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, and Sisters? by Ceil Jensen 
Mass-Conn-ection III, Conference Attendees' Research Areas:  Surnames and