Pathways and Passages
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                     Spring 1988 - Winter 1990

Vol. 4, No. 2  -  Spring 1988

•  Nasze Polskie Nawiska
•  Book Review:  Polish Marriage Applicants, St. Joseph County, Indiana 1905-1915
    compiled by Gene Szymarek and G. Lucky Ladewski
•  Poles in Suffield, CT
•  Diocesan Directory
•  Memories of Broncia, "An Illegal Alien" by Constance M. Ochnio
•  Polish Lineage in French Royalty by Joseph Maciora
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Vaterland sailed from Antwerp, arrived in New York
    on  March 7, 1906  (partial listing)

Vol 5, No. 1  -  Winter 1988

New Genealogy Center Opens in Poland
•  U.S. - Soviet Archival Commission May Someday Make Closed Records Available
•  Ziemia Płocka
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Amerika sailed from Hamburg, arrived in New
    York on March 31, 1909  (partial listing)
•  Translating Polish Language Documents: Eastern Format Church Registers
•  Seventeenth And Eighteenth Century Church Records in the Mazxovia Region
•  Polish Church Census Books:  A Rich and Valuable Source
•  From Król to King:  The Changing of Polish Surnames

Vol. 5, No. 2  -  Spring 1989

•  Polish Ancestry Data Base Created
  Book Indexes - A Supplement to Passenger Lists

  Sources in Suffolk County, Massachusetts by Joseph Maciora
•  "You Should Go to School" by Albert Peterlin
•  Austrian Military Records Helpful in Galician Research
•  Notarial Records from Grodno
•  Book Review:  Genealogical Sources in the New York Metropolitan Area
    edited by Estelle M. Guzik 
•  Polish Pioneer Project
•  Polonia in the Garden State 
•  Wooden Bridge, Poland by Joanne Balon Kennedy

Vol. 6, No. 1  -  Winter 1989

Historic 1989 Tour Of Poland Concluded
•  New York Cemetery Inscription Project Launched
•  New Resource Center Additions
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Roon sailed from Bremen (no date), arrived
    in New York on March 30, 1912  (partial listing)
•  The Best And The Worst by Ann Marie Freeman
•  Book Review:  A Translation Guide To Nineteenth Century Polish-Language
    Civil Registration Documents, 2nd ed. by Judith R. Frazin
•  Polish Archival Guides
•  Kamienica by Thomas J. Draus 

Vol. 6, No. 2  -  Spring 1990

Exploring Our Cultural Heritage - Polish Wedding Practices
•  Selected Military Records at the Connecticut State Archives
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Cassel sailed from Bremen, arrived in New
    York on December 28, 1906  (partial listing)
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Moltke sailed from Hamburg, arrived in New
    York on November 8, 1905 (partial listing)
•  Index of Passports and Other Documents Being Prepared
•  Lithuania - Litwa - Lietuva
•  1920 Census Release
•  Our Dream Tour - PGSCT 1990 Tour
•  Untrashed Poland:  Inchoate Impressions
•  Family History Delegation Signs Protocol With USSR
Preserving our Paper Records

Vol. 7, No. 1  -  Winter 1990

•  Connecticut's First Polish Parish Celebrates its Centennial:  Kościól Sw. Stanisława
    Meriden, CT
•  Ellis Island Visited by PGSCT Members
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Cincinnati sailed from Hamburg, arrived in New
York on May 20, 1912  (partial listing)
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Prinz Frederick Wilhelm sailed from Bremen, arrived
    in New York on September 3, 1911 (partial listing)
•  Passenger Ship Arrivals:  SS Kalserin Auguste Victoria sailed from Hamburg,
    arrived in New York on July 23, 1910  (partial listing)
•  The Immigrant's Journey on the Other Side:  Before Ellis Island
•  Polish Learned Societies - Untapped Resources
•  News Items from the U.S.S.R. - Lwów - Zytomierz - Ukraine
•  Regional Notes:  Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and New Jersey
•  Book Review:  For Bread with Butter:  Life Worlds of East Central Europeans
    in Johnstown, PA 1890-1940 by Ewa Morawska
•  Book Review:  An Historical Bibliography of Polish Towns, Villages, and Regions
    (except Warsaw and Kraków), reprinted with an introduction by Edward A. Peckwas
•  Austrian Census Returns 1869-1910 with Emphasis on Galicia