PGSCTNE Newsletter
The Society's newsletter, Pathways and Passages, is published twice yearly, in the Winter and Summer.  Each issue contains a wealth of information for those researching Polish ancestral roots, with an emphasis on the Northeast United States.

Many of our articles deal with new research sources and information in the field of Polish genealogy.  Several of our Executive Board and Society members regularly visit Poland to gather important information for our newsletters.  We share with our readers insight into research methodology both here and abroad, as well as providing interesting success stories, book reviews and updates on local attractions of interest to the Polish genealogist. 

Our newsletter is available to all of our current members.  If you are not yet a member, or allowed your membership to expire, please visit our Membership page.  Both members and non-members may purchase back issues of Pathways and Passages.

All issues from the past are available.  The cost is $5.00 per newsletter.  Please use our Back Issue Request Form for submitting your order. 

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