Databases of PGSCTNE
Since 1981, PGSCTNE members have been collecting data to assist others in their genealogical research. 
We are happy to announce that we are aggressively making these databases available through our website.

Searchable Databases

Cemetery Surname Database - Canada
Cemetery Surname Database - New England and the Northeast United States
Cemetery Surname Database - Poland
Cemetery Surname Database - Outside the Northeast United States
Polish American Marriage Database
Detroit Area Vital Records Indexes
Changed Surnames List
Anniversary Book Names
Sulkowski Travel Agency Records, Newark, New Jersey
Polish Immigration Society of London Records
Surnames Being Researched by PGSCTNE Members
European Immigrant Birthplace Database
    (From Selected Connecticut and New Jersey Cities and Towns)


Although information from some of these databases requires a small fee, you will be pleased to know that the money we receive for such services will go immediately into our database project fund.  This will allow us to continue this massive project, collecting more names and information to help all of us search for our missing ancestors.

Become a Volunteer!
Write to us if you wish to become a volunteer in any of our database projects, such as our cemetery, newspaper and Anniversary Church Book projects. Although we have made massive strides in copying this information and providing this valuable database, there is still lots to do. We look to our veteran members and new friends to help us continue our ambitious projects.