Sulkowski Travel Agency Records
Newark, New Jersey
This small collection consists of the receipts kept by a Polish travel agency in Newark, New Jersey for money sent to Europe.  In addition to the financial data, the receipts provide the name and address of the sender and the name and address of the recipient.  These can be a valuable resource to discover an ancestor's birthplace or place of residence as well as possible names of relatives in Europe. 

Most of the senders were of Polish and Ukrainian origin and resided in or near Newark, New Jersey.  A small number of the receipts do not contain the name of the recipient.  Some are in fragile condition and cannot be photocopied. If you find a surname of interest, please remit $3.00 per item.  We will send you either a photocopy or transcript of the information. 

Please send the surname, book number and page number and a self-addressed stamped envelope with your request.
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